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    Flashbuilder 4.5 DropDown List for Mobile application??


      Hi I am currently developing a mobile application within Flashbuilder 4.5 Pro. However I am having issues as I cannot seem to add a drop down list to my application and have it work properly. I have created the code below and this effectively creates a drop down list and populates it with items, however when the user clicks on an item it is not selected in the field.


      This also happens when I am testing it on my machine and the only way to select the item is to click on the list and then use the down arrow on the keyboard which I cannot do in the application. Can someone please help me????


      <s:DropDownList id="sex_drpdown" width="150" height="61.35" labelField="value" fontSize="30" change="sex_drpdown_changeHandler(event)">
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          I am experiencing same exact issue.


          Note: on Flash Builder burrito, dropdownlist control works fine, same exact code on FB 4.5 having this issue i.e DropDownList get created fine,

          when user tap on it, it display the items in list, BUT when you try to select any item, the list collaps to its original state.


          Another interesting fact: only way I was able to select an item in list is to use hardware 4-way keys in my Motrola Droid. Tapping on the DropDownList just dont seems to work.


          here is a sample code (that do not work properly in FB 4.5)



          <s:DropDownList width="140">









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            air_just_newbee Level 1

            I have the same problem , Dropdownlist used to work fine in BURRITO  it select the item and keeps it using mouse during debug or  touch on the device ,, Since i unintalled Burrito  and installed 4.5  THE component function exactly as anixan  decribes it  the selection alwayes blank using mouse or touch on device but during debug if i use arrow keys it works , it seems that there is a bug or problem in the Release of Flash Builder 4.5.  I tried searching google for dayes for answer but no luck.