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    TOC doesn't synchronize in merged HTMLHelp project


      This issue had been discussed several times. Peter Grainge offered a solution for WebHelp projects. Though I'm still looking for a solution on HTML Help projects with CHM output format.





      As the help file growed tremendously over time we'd like to split our MS HTML Help project in several sources resulting in a couple of *.chm files. Those refer to modules of our application suite. We successfully generated the help files and merged them using one clasping 'parent help file' based on the merge functionality of the TOC (table of contents) dialog. We use RH 7 in a Windows XP environment, language is German.





      When the application calls a specific help topic from a child help file that had been meregd into a parent help file, then the TOC (left pane) doesn't synchronise / synchronize with the content of the right pane.





      Calling a specific topic from Visual Basic .NET code:


      Help.ShowHelp(Me, "C:\DEVELOP\myApp\help\myAppHelp.chm", "Basics.chm::/CommonDialogs/Print_Dialog.htm")


      As expected myAppHelp opens, in the right pane the correct topic "Print_Dialog" is presented, but the TOC on the left pane is not being expanded to this level. Expanding the TOC manually shows that all topics from the child help files are available.



      Further information


      1. We ensured to tick the related option "Auto-synchronize TOC" from the window dialog and the "Always show Selection" option of the advanced options for the project properties. Things work well, when calling a topic from the parent help file (TOC synchronises perfectly) or when the child help file is being accessed directly from the application.


      2. Based on the release notes for RH8 ...


      Merged project enhancements Merged project enhancements introduce the concept of a child project referring to a master TOC. Child projects automatically synchronize with the merged TOC, and you can see the merged TOC in the child projects.


      ... I asked someone to import my sources in RH8 and generate all output. It still doesn't work.



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      Any hints on existing or up-coming solutions are highly appreciated. Kind regards,