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    Links problem in PDF (opened in web browser)



      I have a problem with the way Adobe reader works when it is embedded in Internet Explorer 7.

      The PDF is well opened but inside this PDF i have links to others PDF, this links doesn't work inside IE but when the PDF is opened inside Reader it works.

      Some precisions :

      - I have a set of PDF files with references in a hierarchy of directories on the machine

      - I have a root HTML file which is the entry point for the navigation through the PDF files set, a link in this HTML file open a PDF in the browser, then links to other PDF in the first PDF doesn't work

      - If i open the first PDF in Reader, links works

      - Inside the PDF the links seems to be File Links with relative paths

      - I think it's possible that there are security restrictions in Internet Explorer that inactive the links but i didn't found these options

      - i'ts also possible that when the first PDF is open, the current path is incorrect with the relative path of the link

      I have no solution with this problem.

      Any help will be appreciated.

      Thanks by advance