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    9-Slice Animation Problems

    theOneAndOnlyRizz Level 1

      Hello folks,


      First time posting to these forums, so please excuse me if I'm making any sort of noob mistakes...


      Anyway, I'm trying to use 9-slice to animate a natively created flash movieclip. It's a rounded-corner box, with a little speech-bubble  pointy thing jutting out of the bottom left corner. I have 9-slice enabled, and the slices have been repositioned close to the corners. When I distort/grow the MC on the flash stage, it's fine... but as soon as I try to animate the growth, it gets all  wonky?


      If I use the newer Motion tween style, it's messed up all the way through except for the first frame?


      And if I use a traditional tween, with the proper small box start frame, and modified/grown end frame... it will look right for the first  and last frame of the animation, but its as if the 9-slice isn't  working during the tween? I've inserted a series of screen caps to illustrate the traditional tween issue:


      Anyone have any ideas?


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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          use shape hints:  modify/shape/add shape hint.  repeat as needed.

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            aaddiiooss Level 1

            I have the exact same problem.


            I have a MovieClip containing a round-corner rectangle drawn on the stage. In the MovieClip Properites I marked "Enable guids for 9-slice scaling".

            When in flash and using the Free Transform tool, I can stretch or shrink the MovieClip both horizontally or vertically and the corners maintain their shape, no distortion. But when I create a tween from the original shape of the MovieClip to a stretched or shrunk version of it - the corners become distored. It appears as though when using Motion Tween, the 9-slice scaling feature doesn't work.


            I've tried tweening both on the timeline and with ActionScript - both result in distortion in the rounded corners of the rectangle.


            I tried following kglad's advice, but unfortunately add shape hint is greyed out when not using a shape tween.