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    Flex 4.5/FP10.2 web app: Font rendering problem

    mjewl Level 1



      Upped a web app from Flex 4.0/4.1 to Flex 4.5 & fonts started to render really badly (blurry & 'stronger').

      They are embedded as CFF, no errors or warnings gives. Also upgraded to Flash Player 10.2, which apparently has 'enhanched' font rendering.


      Haven't set applicationDPI on the s:Application tag, so DPI management should be disabled according to the docs.

      (See http://help.adobe.com/en_US/flex/mobileapps/WS19f279b149e7481c682e5a9412cf5976c17-8000.htm l)


      It's straight up @font-face embeds in a CSS file, nothing odd or wrong there.


      Is the case that this is how it's supposed to look now? In that case, how do I revert back to sane rendering?


      Do I need to configure 4.5 somehow to get it to do fonts right?