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    Audio Video Goes Out of Sync if Over 30 min Long

    Dane in Pella



      I have a noticed if my HDV .m2t files I have added to a PrE7 project go over 20 min. the audio is out of sync with the video after that.  The longer the clip the worse it is at the end.


      My most recent run in with this is a 45 min clip.  To try and correct it I used time stretch on the whole clip.  I start by breaking the link, and then change it from 100% to 99.9%.  This got it very close to right, but a close look at the lips and you see they are still off.


      I use a Canon HV20 camcorder, and capture using HDVSplit.

      When I watch the RAW .mt2 file through Power DVD the audio and video are in perfect sync.  It is only after I import it into PrE7 that the sync is off.


      Any clues as to what can be done to prevent this?