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    Mixing video card types for a 3rd monitor?

    41NBC Engineer

      I could have sworn I've seen this answered before and I hate to ask questions about something that's been answere, but I couldn't find where.


      I'm building an computer and I intend on getting a GTX 470 for the main video card for the Mercury Playback Engine in Premiere Pro and I know that I don't have to get another high priced card just so that I can use a third monitor, so what I was wondering is how low-priced can I go?  Meaning, can I go with a $50 GeForce card?  Should I stick to the GTX family?  How much of a bad idea would it be to try going outside the GTX family?


      I'm not entirely trying to just get a cheap card, I'm also trying to find a card with an S-Video out port on it based on my preview needs (I'm not editing primarily in HD) and it seems to be a less complicated manner of going about getting an S-Video signal if the card has the port already on it.  So if I can safely go with a regular GeForce 8400 so for the video preview then I'd like to.