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    Web app, printing & orientation


      Using Adobe Reader X, on Windows XP system connecting to a HP Laserjet 5200 printer.


      On the printer, we are using 2 different trays & sizes of paper.  Tray1 = Size1 + Portrait orientation; Tray2 = Size2 + Landscape orientation.  What we're using is a web application that does printing of both pictures (that are shown in a Silverlight iframe), and PDF documents that are displayed in an iframe instead of the picture.   When the app (we are not the author of it) runs & we say we want to print the picture, page or the list, it opens a new browser window & creates a PDF file in it. 


      From that point, we click on the print icon within the (newly rendered) page, and are taken to the Print dialog box where we have tons of options. 


      Within Properties, the Printing Shortcuts tab, we have PT set to be Size1 & Portrait Orientation & use Tray1's paper.  We also have LS set to be Size2 & Landscape orientation & use Tray2's paper. 


      Some of the pictures that are displayed in the page are exploded part lists & schematics, which we may or may not want to be on larger paper, and "scaled up" to fit if necessary. 


      The problem is though, when the new page is created (with the picture in it), it is always in Portrait orientation.  And, unless I go in to Print, and un-check the Page Scaling option to Auto-Rotate and Center PLUS choosing Landscape orientation in my Printing Shortcut tab, it will always print in portrait orientation. Some of the PDFs that are also pulled up in the document are in there in Landscape & Portrait orientation (with the overwhelming majority in Landscape format).  Those items will print fine when we choose the Landscape Printing Shortcut; however, the opposite is true if we want them in portrait orientation instead - we have to override the Auto Rotate setting to make any tray choice effective.  


      Besides the actual printing of the documents, another requirement we have is that we want to have a minimum amount of changing & choices in the Print dialog box that is brought up in Reader.  Since we are not the author of the web application, we have limited ability to change things (it is a .net web app that uses some javascript). 


      The short question is - is there a way to override (de-select) the Auto-Rotate & Center setting when a new page is generated, and if so, how & where do you do this? 


      The longer question is - is there a way to both override that option AND to limit the number of choices/tabs shown in the Document Properties dialog that is shown when you click Properties from the Print dialog? (this may be a question for the HP site).... 


      Any help/advice appreciated.