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    DW CS5 continually Acting Weird..

    teedoffnewbie Level 2


      Seems like for about 5 or 6 months, my DW will freeze up for a brief time.... "not responding" in other words. As this is the message thats displayed. Not only does this message display at the top of DW window, but in popup windows sometimes, for instance when I am uploading files to my server, the window will freeze as well.


      Maybe it has something to do with an extension I downloaded awhile back...Konductor I think it is. because everytime I close DW now, a js error message comes up saying something about "getDocumentDom: argument number 1 is invalid" and has a filepath of "C:\Program Files(x86)\Adobe DreamweaverCS5\Configuration\Shutdown\KonductorShutdown.htm"


      I went in a deleted my the .dat file as suggested by David Powers in his FAQ here in the DW forum, but just as soon as I opened DW, I got the same two issues.


      Is there anything else I can try short of completely deleting my personal config file? If I do that what will be the results?


      Thanks in advance!