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    Help! Can't use Text tool in Photoshop CS5


      When I launched Photoshop this morning and opened a file containing text and an image, I got the following error message:


      "The type layers in this document were rasterized because something prevented the text engine from being initialized."


      When I created a new, empty Photoshop document and selected the Text tool, I got this error message:


      "Could not complete your request because of a program error."


      The Photoshop text tool is useless at the moment. I tried relaunching Photoshop and restarting my computer to no avail.


      Nothing has changed in my Photoshop installation except that I recently installed FontExplorer X Pro on this computer and activated the Photoshop CS5 plugin that comes with the program. I have now uninstalled the plugin, but the Photoshop text tool still doesn't work.


      Suggestions greatly appreciated. I need access to a fully-functional Photoshop ASAP. Thanks!

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          alansky1 Level 1

          UPDATE: I was able to restore Photoshop to normal operation by reinstalling the Photoshop CS5 application.


          Since I installed FontExplorer X Pro shortly before discovering this Photoshop problem, I suspect FontExplorer's Photoshop plugin as the possible cause of the problem. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who is successfully using FontExplorer X Pro with the Photoshop CS5 plugin installed.

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            I am now getting the same errors on one of my computers, I am running an imac which is giving me that error but on my macbook pro i am not getting it. I have the exact same software on each of them. I cant figure out why it is fine on the macbook pro but wont work on the imac. I am running suitcase fusion 3 on both computers. Any help would be appreciated.

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              alansky1 Level 1

              Since you're having the same problem with a different font manager installed, it looks like the problem may lie with Photoshop rather than the font management software. I'm going to file a bug report with Adobe.


              Meanwhile, you might want to uninstall Photoshop CS5 (Utilities/Adobe Installers/Adobe Creative Suite 5 Design Premium) and reinstall it from the original disc. You do not need to deactivate anything before doing this.

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                stuart905905 Level 1

                I just did a bit of playing around, I managed to get it to work but i had to turn all my fonts in suitcase fusion 3. The problem might actually be the font managers plug ins, right now the only fonts i am using in it are the system fonts. I'm going to explore more when i get a chance but at least its a quick fix for anyone with the same issue.