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    ebook won't stay in library


      So I downloaded ADE, spent two days getting it to recognize my nook, and was finally able to move some of my books over. Then I downloaded an epub book directly from a publisher. It opened in ADE. I was able to read it on my computer. However, if I closed ADE or went to ADE's library, it was not there. The only way I can read it once I've left it is to download it again every time I come to my computer. And I'd prefer to have it on my nook, as I don't care to read lenthly things on the computer. Can anyone help me?

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          I've run across this a few times when I was trying to download a book.

          Hopefully, you're having the same problem I had, because the fix is

          relatively easy.


          What happened to me was that I OPENED the ebook when I was in the process of

          downloading it from the website.  This brought the ebook down, but ADE

          displayed it in Reading mode.  When I stopped reading the ebook, and exited

          ADE, the next time I came back, ADE defaulted to Library mode - and the book

          wasn't there.  I found that if I switched to Reading mode, I could continue

          to read the ebook.


          The 'fix' was to add the ebook to the library via ADE's Library mode.  To do

          this, I had to know where the ebook was located on my computer.  I clicked

          on the drop-down box next to the word 'Library', and then clicked on 'Add

          Item To Library'.  ADE showed me ebooks in the Adobe Digital Editions

          folder, and all I had to do was highlight the title I wanted and then click

          on 'Open'.


          I modified my approach from that point on.  When I'm downloading an ebook, I

          SAVE it.  ADE then puts the ebook in my Library.


          Hope this helps you!


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            Thank you so much! It worked. I appreciate the help.