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    Help:  Need to calculate a radio button when selected or not selected

    gila_county Level 1

      I am hoping its possible to use a script to calculate a radio button when it is selected.  For example:

      My form has 4 grouped radio buttons (Radio Button 1-4) of 5 buttons.


      So its something like this:


           Level 1     Level 2     Level 3     Level 4     Level 5

      1.   RB1          RB1            RB1           RB1         RB1

      2.   RB2          RB2            RB2           RB2         RB2

      3.   RB3          RB3            RB3           RB3         RB3

      4.   RB4          RB4            RB4           RB4         RB4


      Items areas total:               Total Points:               Average Score:




      The buttons already have different values set for each button to calculate a score in the "Total Points" text field. (Level 1 scores 1, Level 2 scores 2, etc.)


      I would like to have the "Items areas total" text field to calculate either a value of 1 if selected or a 0 if not selected.  So if 3 of the 4 rows are selected a return of "3" is calculated, if all 4 rows are selected then it returns "4", etc.


      Seems it would be a simple script.