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    Stabilizing footage results in distorting/wobbling clip



      I'm trying to  stabilize some hand held camera footage and have carried all the appropriate guidline as per AFX help.


      The result is, the background is distorting/wobbling rather than smoothing.

      For example, if I choose a track point in the bottom third of the screen, rather than the whole frame compensating for the movement, the upper third just distorts back and forth. Same in reverse if I choose a track point in the upper portion of the screen.

      I've experimented with different size trackers and tracking position and rotation, but it doesn't seem to want to smooth out, and in fact looks worse in some ways than the original footage.

      Can't seem to find any posts that offer a solution but have found another person who has exactly the same problem.  The resulting 'non' answer from someone on that forum talked about lens distortion. I'm sure the person, like myself, has no other problems with the actual footage.


      I'm shooting in HD but then importing as targa files into AFX as my version doesn't support mpeg2

      Any help gratefully appreciated.