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    Loan Info is Wrong


      I have just bought a Craig ereader model CMP739.  While it is somewhat inexpensive, it does say it works with EPUBS DRM files and specifically cites ADE.  Here's my problem.  I have downloaded books from the Ottawa Public Library.  I have authenticated both my Computer and my ereader.  ADE recognises the ereader and lets me copy the book over.  The book shows up on the ereader.  ADE can see and read the book on the reader.  The info that ADE can see is correct - when I got it from the library, when it loaded it to the reader and more importantly when it expires.


      The problem is that the ereader simply says "Loan info is wrong" when I try to read the book.


      Here are some of the things I have tried.  I have used ADE to remove the book and loaded it again.  I have used ADE to unload the book, reformatted the ereader and loaded it again.  And to confirm, the ereader specifically says it can handle DRM books through ADE.  I have also checked that the time and date on both my computer and the ereader are correct.


      It looks to me that the loan information is in the file manifest.xml.  I can read the file in both MSWord and Explorer, and while I can see an entry for the book, most of the information between tags is somewhat cryptic.


      Is there anything I can check specifically in manifest.xml.  I know I can edit the file in Word and save it back again if there are any changes I need to try.


      Now I know this is an ADE forum, but this is where the expertise is.


      Thanks for any help before I give up and return the thing.