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    Best Training For Captivate

      I'm looking for recommendations on the best way to get training on Captivate 3. I'm not a Book Learner more of a hands on.. So either In Person or Online is fine..

      But before I invest 100's of bucks in training I want to make sure i'm getting something worth the money.. I found some stuff online for CD's of Training step by steps but When i listened to samples of it.. There is no way i would spend money on their stuff.. can't understand the speaker and they were really "boring" stuttering the whole way through there 2 minute sample.

      If training in Person prefer it to be in the Houston Area for Cost reasons. My company will most likely send me to training locally when they don't have to fork out additional money for AirFair/Car/Hotel ect..

      Thanks in advance for your recommendation..

      PS information about me..

      using Captivate 3 ..(i dont' want Captivate 4 training)
      New user to Captivate.. (no exp. with Flash) Exp i do have is with Adobe Pro, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks

      So I need someone that can teach me the ropes in a short amount of time for what I need to create for my company.

      Thanks again in advance for your recomendations!