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      I downloaded the new Flash Builder 4.5 PHP Standard, but when I installed it it said it was the premium version.  After running the install I opened the program and it said that I needed to install Zend.  There was a tab for Zend so I installed it.  Then I started looking at the learn in 1 hour tutorial and it says that you need mysql.  Flash Builder 4.5 did not install mysql, it did not install zend automatically.  Do I need to go to mysql website and download it and install it?


      If you are selling Flash Builder 4.5 PHP with Zend then why don't you include everything you need when you do the initial install, why do we have to go and get all the extra stuff?  Bad planning Adobe!!!!!

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          Zend server and the PHP runtime is the component of your web server that interprets and executes PHP scripts. While using one is not technically required to write PHP code, without it you won't be able to run, test, debug, or profile PHP code that you write. The PHP runtime is not included with Flash Builder for PHP; you need to use Zend Server or configure your web server to act as a PHP runtime.


          ou can use any PHP runtime environment with Flash Builder for PHP. But using Zend Server (or Zend Server Community Edition) provides you with an easy-to-use PHP runtime environment that has the Zend Debugger and Zend Framework built-in, both which are needed to take full advantage of Flash Builder for PHP.


          Read more at http://www.zend.com/en/products/studio/flash-builder-for-php


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