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    Strange AS level-reference issue

      Hi guys.

      I'm hoping to reach some Actionscript-gurus here, as my limited knowledge has shown me unworthy.

      I have a SWF. Inside, I have two things; A movieclip which is loaded with a Captivate-generated SWF and a button which is supposed to skip frames in the movieclip. Also, inside of the Captivate-generated SWF, I've embedded the same button - of course with a different level reference.

      The movieclip jumps frames with both buttons, but the strange thing is that the variable rdcmndResume, which is pretty much like play() for Captivate doesn't bite on the top-level button. The movie freezes. However, it works with the embedded button. So we have two buttons, with identical code, where one works fully, while the other works partially.

      I've been staring myself blind on this issue. Please give your comments.

      Here's a demo-link and a ZIP-file with the source code (Flash 8):

      All comments are much appreciated!

      Thanks in advance!