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    PHP Install and Mysql


      I downloaded the new Flash Builder 4.5 PHP Standard, but when I installed it it said it was the premium version.  After running the install I opened the program and it said that I needed to install Zend.  There was a tab for Zend so I installed it.  Then I started looking at the learn in 1 hour tutorial and it says that you need mysql.  Flash Builder 4.5 did not install mysql, it did not install zend automatically.  Do I need to go to mysql website and download it and install it?


      If you are selling Flash Builder 4.5 PHP with Zend then why don't you include everything you need when you do the initial install, why do we have to go and get all the extra stuff?  Bad planning Adobe!!!!!

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          See my comments in this thread http://forums.adobe.com/message/3674655#3674655


          MySQL is an optional component that is not required by all customers this is the reason it was excluded from the full package. Once you install Zend Server (Community Edition) you get - Bytecode accelerator (Optimizer+), Zend Data Cache, A certified PHP distribution, Zend Framework, Apache (or IIS integration), MySQL (on Windows and Mac OS X), Out-of-the-box connectivity to all common databases and Web-based PHP administrator console.


          Zend Server Community Edition (CE) is a completely free fast and reliable PHP stack. It does not have monitoring, root cause analysis, and other key features in Zend Server, but it does provide improved performance and a certified PHP build that includes the Zend Debugger and Zend Framework.