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    Render Times


      Does anyone else find that when their "frames to be rendered" get to the halfway mark in the counter window, that the render process finishes immediately? Why does the first half of the "frames to render" go so slowly?  Does it have something to do with the CPU multiplying the speed?  Just curious if this is normal.  Not a big deal, I guess:)  Windows 7 64 bit, i7 980x @333 6 core processor, 12 GB ram DDR 1600, Radeon 5850 GPU Power  PE 9

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          The "process progress meters" in PrE (and PrPro too) are but guesses by the program. There can be a lot of other factors, that can affect their accuracy. This is especially true with Rendering, and also with Transcoding/Encoding. In the case of the latter, part of the inaccuracy is due to the 2-pass Transcoding/Encoding in PrE (a setting which can be manually chosen in PrPro).


          One aspect, that can "fool" the meter is the content of the Frames. It will assume that each Frame is unique, and will require X CPU Cycles to process. However, if one had, say a long "The End" Title, or a still image, then it will require much less time to Render/Transcode, as each Frame is NOT unique. Also, if one has segments of say DV-AVI material, again the Render/Transcode will be much quicker, than material that has to be addressed Frame by Frame. There are many other aspects, that can affect the time, and the display of the "remaining time."


          The progress of those meters will often be anything BUT linear.


          Good luck,



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            Bill, thanks for explaining that!  I always wondered about it.  What you've said makes sense.