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      I have read over the many posts about this error message and I am getting nowhere by checking time, date and time zone.  Eveything on my computer is correct.  I have synced with several different internet time servers and nothing has changed.  The same error over and over again.  I am in Texas in the Central time zone and my time and date are right.  Please help me!

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          I think the key may be in your statement that your COMPUTER is correct.  How

          about your ebook reader?  I don't know what brand you have, so I can't tell

          you how to check its setup, but all four of mine have a date and time.  Two

          have time zones.....


          Hope this helps!


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            After my post, I decided to brutally delete all logs and restore files associated with Adobe Digital Editions.  Program files were all that were safe.  That seemed to work for me.  It must have been holding on to some remnant of information that was not correct.  Thanks for your quick reply Frustrated in AZ.