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    Very weird forum behavior . . . in Safari

    Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      Is anyone else seeing disappearing posts, shortened threads, and missing replies? I've replied to several posts in the last two days. Most of the replies are now missing. Even replies by others. One posts on PAR and CS3 at one time showed 3 replies, now it only shows one, but when I open the thread only the original question is showing.


      Maybe it's my browser? Mac OSX 10.6.7, Safari 5.05


      The forum seems to behave normally in Firefox and Chrome.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Nope. It's not your browser. Happens to me all the time recently using Firefox and Chrome on PC - I post, the reply appears, I come back a few hours later and everything is gone. Sometimes deleting your local browser cookies will fix it, sometimes it's a permanent issue. I suspect it's an issue with the timestamps which are set to a time before the original post even was written, hence the logic of the forum software never makes them appear afterwards. In the past I also had similar issues with timezone offsets where my posts would reappear 2 days later. Go figure. Well, I'll be away for a while maybe they can fix it while I'm in the hospital...



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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            Yes, there's certainly a problem. The forum administrators are working on it. In all of the cases that I've seen, the posts aren't actually lost---they're just far out of synch, only showing up much later.


            The good news is that this has made it clear to the powers-that-be that we need a serious forum upgrade.