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    Premiere Pro CS5 codec problem

    Jess P Level 1

      Hey all.  Here's the problem.  At work I use Premiere CS3 on an old Edius box that has Canopus codecs.  When I archive a final copy, I use a DVCPRO HD codec, specifically the Canopus SD50/DVHD codec, to an AVI file.


      At home I have a new copy of CS5 on a new machine.  I brought home some of these AVI files from work that used the Canopus SD50/DVHD codec.  I could not open them up at home on anything.  I went and found the codec and installed it.  Now I can open the files with Media Player no problem, but I cannot import them into Premiere, Adobe Media Encoder, or After Effects.  The result is audio and not video.


      Any suggestions that don't include re-exporting everything using a different codec?