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    Acrobat reader X with thunderbird under windows 2008 server




      i use acrobat reader X under windows 2008 R2 . My Mailclient is thunderbird.


      I get an error when trying to send an E-Mail. "Acrobat could not get a connection to your e-mail programm".


      I defined thunderbrid as the standard mailprogramm under START->CONTROLPANEL->STANDARD-PROGRAMMS


      I already tried to google the solution, but the only one i found was for Windows VISTA and Windows 7. There, you have not only to define the STANDARDPROGRAMM, you either need to make a change on "default programms and computerstandards" which is missing in windows 2008 R2


      Can anyone please tell me how to use acrobat with thunderbrid in a windows 2008 environment????


      Thank you