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    Flash CS5 keeps crashing on start !!!

    miquael Level 1


      I'm having a problem with launching Flash CS5.  I had previous been running Flash CS5 on my MacBook Pro, and everything was working fine for many months.  Then I just recently installed OSX 10.6.3, and now Flash CS5 "unexpectedly quits" on launch. 


      I've tried uninstalling Flash CS5 and then re-installing it with no difference.


      I've also followed advice posted elsewhere on this forum [ http://forums.adobe.com/message/3670091#3670091 ] :


      1. Delete preferences. I found the file "Flash CS5 Preferences", removed it from Library > Preferences folder, and put it in the trash.  (I looked at this file: it is just a text file with XML, so I assume this is the right thing to remove).


      2. Then I used Disk Utility to repair permissions. This appeared to go fine.

      3. Then I used FontNuke to first find font caches, and then removed them.  This resulted in an automatic reboot of my system.

      Upon system restart, I tried opening Flash CS5 immediately. Although it crashed again, it actually got much further this time: the application launched, and I was able to see the IDE for a moment before the whole thing crashed again.  This was a little different than the dozen or so times before that I had tried to debug this, where Flash would not even get past the launch screen (where it says it's loading fonts, initializing etc).  Tho, when trying to launch Flash CS5 again, it now again crashes before it even gets out of the launch screen (every time).

      I have a sense that this might have to do with a font issue.  The reason is: after installing OSX 10.6.3, I noticed in some other applications, such as FireWorks CS3 and in Numbers, that some of the fonts were looking messed up (usually the kerning is way off one way or the other with files that I've never had a problem with this before). I was able to simply fix these issues in these other applications, yet is this font issue also affecting Flash CS5 in some way?

      Anyway, I've done everything I can think of multiple times over--and I still have no flash CS5!!!

      (really need to get it running again asap).

      Does anyone have any further insights or ideas into how to resolved this issue?