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    Hide the submit button (green check mark) when task saved in draft folder

    hkho Level 1

      can i hide the submit button(green check mark) that  appears on the task card when a user saves a form in their draft folder? i know we have an option "Must open the form to complete task" when configure assign task operation, but it seems only works if the process is already started, when a user start a new process, and he save the form in draft folder, he still can complete the form by clicking the green check mark to complete the form without opening the form.


      for example, user A start the process and he save the form to draft folder, then he can by pass all checking and just click the complete button in the draft folder.

      but if user A start the process and then task assigned to user B, i can configure the assign task to ensure user B have to open the form before completing the task.


      Is there any way to hide the submit button in the draft folder, so user A must open the form to complete the task? thanks.