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    Why data are not getting poulated in dynamically added tab in a tab navigator???

    Kumar Pratik

      Hi All,


      I am facing a very strange problem and need you expert opinion on this. Ok so the problem goes like this:

      In my application i have a tab navigator where i have 2 fixed tabs say tab A and tab B. In tab B I have a data grid where All the user name are getting populated. Once the user clicks on any datagrid row i am dynamically adding a new tab based on username , so if in my datagrid u1,u2 and u3 are getting displayed then once you clik on u1 a new tab called u1 is getting displayed. Code for this goes like this:


      var vbox1: VBox= new VBox();


      var sde:* = new searchDetails();






      I have created a component called searchDetails where i have designed the page wit various fields for this tab.This also has a method called displayall() which is populating the data in all fields using php an my sql where i have designed the page wit various fields for this tab.


      New tab is getting displayed perfectly. My problem is once the tab is getting displayed fields are not getting populated with data.


      Please let me know what wrong i am doing. I am really struggling