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    How to preserve custom textattributes after an idml roundtrip

    Bart Devos Level 1



      I made a custom textattribute for IDCS5 and everything works fine as long i remain the Indesign CS5 fileformat. I want that my attribute 'survives' a idml roundtrip (i.e. Exporting to idml, open the idml in indesign and save it back to .indd). There is where it goes wrong. My attribute is lost in the roundtripped document.

      The docs i found concerning preserving for .idml are all about custom scripting objects. My attribute is not scriptable and can not be accessed by the scripting api.

      As i understood, IAttrImportExport is only about exporting to tagged text, right?

      I tought it had to do with persistency, but as i found out, an attribute is by default persistent. When i save/close my document and reopen it, the attribute is still there anyway.

      So, i'm stuck now. Can anyone point me to the right direction?

      Thanks in advance!