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    Problem with PremiereProCS5 and AfterEffectsCS5 Dinamic Link!


      Problem with PremiereProCS5 and AfterEffectsCS5 Dinamic Link!
      I installed PremiereProCS4, and after, "Adobe Master Collection Suite CS5" in Italian Language, with PremiereProCS5 and AfterEffectsCS5 on OS Windows7x64Bit.


      I made a first composition with AfterEffects, from PremierePro by choosing "Adobe Dinamic Link">"Replace with AE Composition".
      After that, I made another second version of the same project, directly with AfterEffects.
      I want replace this AE version with existing version, in PremierePro.
      Thus, I selected "Adobe Dinamic Link">"Import AE Composition".


      1) But, the problem is that the new, fresh AE composition is not found!
      The Dinamic Link, in PremierePro, doesn't refresh the window where it is located the new AE Composition called "n°2" made last with AE, (not with DynamicLink)!
      There are available 3 files, that I made, but all the files display only the old composition called "n°1", made with DynamicLink, and with "Replace with AE Composition" command!
      The composition made with AE directly, is not displayed!


      In fact, I tried to right click the clip, in PremiereProCS5 timeline, choosed "Replace with Clip">"From Folder" and selected the last imported AE composition: the composition is allways the OLD file made with DynamicLink, not the file made directly with AE!