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    Exporting question... (Harm special!)

    davidbeisner2010 Level 3

      Is AME's MPEG2 exporter significantly slower than it's H.264 exporter, or could there be something else wrong with my system? I think you guys are fairly familiar with my system, but just in case...


      It's a professionally built (2 year old) BOXX system with an i7-920, 12GB ram, SATA OS/Programs, SATA Graphics/Audio, SATA Projects, and 3 SATA RAID-0 Video Data disks, running the GTX-285 with Hardware MPE enabled. I've got CS5.03 and Win 7x64 Ultimate.


      Anyway, I've not exported to MPEG2 in a LONG time... perhaps not since the upgrade to CS5, actually. I almost always use H.264 for web video, but for the first time in a looong time I've gotta make some DVDs. Don't bother asking why I don't just use DL to Encore--there is a reason for that which I'll not get into right now... if you really want to know, look for my post from yesterday about failed Encore transcodes, available both here and in the Encore forum.


      So, here's the deal... when exporting to MPEG2 (either MPEG2-DVD or standard MPEG2, using the NTSC widescreen High-Quality presets) i'm seeing export times that run about 20% of real-time (i.e., a 1 hour, 11 minute program is taking about 6 hours to export). However, when I export in H.264 (using the Vimeo HD preset) my export runs a little better than real time (i.e., the same program takes a little over 50 minutes to export). Source video is XDCAM-EX format .mp4 from a JVC GY-HM700u, native (not transcoded).


      In the MPEG2 exports, all 8 cores of my CPU are maxed out at 100% (PProHeadless using about 2/3 and AME about 1/3), disk throughput is bouncing around between 1MBps and 4MBps (all PProHeadless), and AME's using about 223MB of memory with PProHeadless using a little over 3GB. Interestingly enough, Adobe Media Encoder, PProHeadless, and dynamic link manager are also using a combined total of about 1MB/s of network throughput during the encode... any reason why it would be using network throughput since everything is local??


      Anybody know why there's such a huge discrepancy in export times? I'm not perturbed by it, cause it gives me time to sit back and relax and visit the fora, which I've not been able to do in quite a while, but I'm just curious... I'm almost 90 minutes into my first export, with a total of five exports that are all within about 10 minutes of each other in length (so if this holds true, I'll be about 30 hours in export). FYI, there is no CC or FX applied to any of this video, and it's all a single layer of video with two mono audio tracks (single-camera shoot event video).