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    AdbeRdrUpd1001_Tier1.msp Update Does Not Install using Nullsoft




      I am attempting to use the Nullsoft Scriptable Install system to install the Adobe® Reader® 10.0.1 update on Windows XP SP3.  I determined that the Adobe update will install as expected when I run the msp on a console command line with the following arguments:


      C:\temp\> AdbeRdrUpd1001_Tier1.msp /passive /norestart


      However, when I put the same exact command into Nullsoft script, the update does not get applied.  I have a theory that the Tier1 update needs to determine language information from Windows XP and because the Nullsoft script executes in a Windows environment that is not fully initialized, the language information is not available and the update fails.  If you can expand on this or provide any insight please respond to this message.  Any help with this question would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks, Jeff