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    Multi-stage objects from InDesign — how to stop cycle?

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      I have exported a page from InDesign to FLA that contains an InDesign multi-state object (MSO) and when I bring it into Flash and export as a SWF, the MSP just cycles through all the contained images. There's an Adobe KB that states that this is a known issue and that ActionScript can be used to stop the MSO from cycling. Does anyone know the ActionScript used to stop this?




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          Moodring Level 1

          I have a similar issue, having set up some clickable buttons in a single page INDD file that take you to one of five states in a multi-state object. What I'd love to be able to do is have the states loop at a comfortable pace while allowing the user to click on a button to display a particular state.


          Would it be easier to set up the different states as separate INDD pages?


          Not at all sure how to do this. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!