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    DV Export Re-Encoding?

    digitlman Level 1

      How does premiere handle exporting of DV files these days when nothing has changed in the video? Many versions ago i used to have a checkbox in premiere to ensure that it was set to NOT re-encode the DV data during export if nothing changed.


      i have been assuming that it automatically would not re-encode the DV files. I just ran into a problem trying to capture a tape, (possible premiere bug) using a sony dsr-1500a deck i had a nightmare getting the settings right to control the deck and capture, finally got it working. Hit capture tape and left, it captured the 2 hours i wanted but then didnt stop the deck and captured until the end of the tape, during rewind, and then held on the still colorbars frame at the head of the tape and captured for 4 hours before it luckily aborted with a "unknown recorder error" anyways, is that a bug that can be fixed or do i have incorrect settings for the 1500a?


      So anyways to my original question, now instead of re-capturing on a different system, i dropped that 4 hour DV AVI file into MPE and set the 2 hour end point and exported it as a DV AVI, so is CS5 degrading my exported file? or is it exporting the raw DV data and simply giving me a trimmed file like i want?