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    Buttons and Video


      i kept a button visible after a target hit & its hidden on page load. but on device it loads on page and the other hiding button doesnt work. and also with videos, it just simply shows up like an image. nothing happens though i can see it on InDesign preview.


      please help!

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          David Ben Level 3

          Sounds like you have an issue with how you set up your "overlays" .. remember they are OVERlays meaning when the folio is rendered overlay content will automatically go above regular content.


          Sidenote-- multi-state buttons are not supported and buttons can only have one action.  There are workarounds to this method I suggest reading Bob Bringhurst tutorial on hotspot buttons: http://blogs.adobe.com/indesigndocs/2010/12/hot-spot-button-workaround-for-indesign-dig-pu bs.html


          Remember to keep your "hidden" or hotspot buttons on top of your layer stack to ensure they remain on the top overlay when the folio is rendered.


          As far as your video content.. double check to make sure it is rendered in the appropriate codec... maybe share your settings inside overlay creator.. and an image of your issue.


          Best regards



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            smshahriyar Level 1

            thanks. reading tutorial

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              David Ben Level 3

              No problem. Let me know if you need anymore help.  I find with "buttons" the best way to image it is as if your making webcontent.  You have the graphic representation for your button then you have the hotspot over it.


              Here is a list of features that are and are not supported:

              InDesign CS5 includes many interactivity features for exporting to SWF and PDF. Some but not all of these features are supported in the digital publishing workflow.

              Supported interactivity features

              Multi-State Objects
              Use MSOs to create slideshows.


              Create URL, Email, and Navto hyperlinks.


              Only the On Release event with one action is supported.

              Supported hyperlink actions include Go To Destination, Go To First Page, Go To Last Page, Go To URL, Go To Page, Go To State, Go To Previous State, and Go To Next State.


              Placed mp3 files play. You cannot loop or stream audio at this time.


              Supported video files play. You cannot loop or stream video at this time.


              Additional interactive overlays
              You can also create web content overlays, image sequences, pan and zoom images, panoramas, and scrollable frames.


              Interactivity features not supported

              Animated objects are flattened when the article is created. One workaround is to export an animated InDesign document in FLA format and use the Wallaby utility to create an HTML5 file. You can then use this HTML5 file as a Web Content overlay. For details, see Animate Headlines by Johannes Henseler.


              Certain hyperlinks
              Text Anchor and Shared Destination hyperlinks are not supported.


              Certain button actions
              Go To Next Page, Go To Previous Page, Show/Hide Buttons, Sound, and Video button actions are not supported. Multiple actions are not supported. On Click and On Rollover events are not supported.


              Other features not supported
              Bookmarks, cross-references, and page transitions are not supported.
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                smshahriyar Level 1

                buttons done perfectly! thanks again. i wish they add multitasking button feature in later versions. could save a lot of time


                now, need help again lol. i imported a video and with any preset i apply, it just shows a bar(which cant be manually navigated) and play button. how can i show full-screen vids? i already set that to play on full screen.


                1 more problem, InDesign cant import images for 360 viewer. i've set images name *001.jpg *002.jpg as shown but just 1 image imports from the folder. do you know a solution?



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                  David Ben Level 3

                  Are you using the pre-release drop 11? or the final Digital Publishing Suite tools?


                  360 was changed to "image sequence".  When i do mine personally i start with 0000.jpg  so "myimage_0000.jpg, myimage_0001.jpg" and so on.  Remember to have these images in a seperate folder and link it from within the overlay creator tools.


                  For your video: In the pre-release you had to make sure "play inline" was uncheck.. in the final DPS tools inline was automatic unless you check "play full screen" .. so when you tap the "poster image" or button for your video (if the "play full screen" is check) it should automatically go full screen with a nav bar and close button.  Try saving your file making sure the "play full screen" box is checked.. and preview it again.

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                    smshahriyar Level 1

                    hey thanks so much

                    done with these & maybe will return with more lol. still ametuer on InDesign

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                      David Ben Level 3

                      no problem.. glad to help anytime

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                        smshahriyar Level 1

                        weird problem! i made an html5 file with animations. folio is working fine on pc but playbook it says 'no internet connection'  otger pages work fine but all animated html5 doesnt. solution?



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                          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                          Don't use it on the PlayBook.


                          I did a large job a while back converting an iPad mag for a major publisher to PlayBook. We had to delete an number of things including email links and web overlays.



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                            smshahriyar Level 1

                            iGizmo and Reader's Digest have done perfectly :S


                            anyway, i was getting the same message 'no internet connection' on pc content viewer as well. this is because i moved html fla files away from contents. so i retored them and its working again. well, the final export of folio to my accont doesnt upload these files & it shows a round loading bar as seen on flash contents on web.


                            how can i upload fla files to folio? how can i make them work?

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                              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                              Check them again. There's no internal web links. They all go to an external browser.



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                                smshahriyar Level 1

                                yeah i've seen it. i hope they fix it soon for PlayBook as well.


                                can you help me with this html5 or animations?

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                                  BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                  If it works on the iPad then you've stumbled on another limitation of the PlayBook. You'll just have to remove it.



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                                    smshahriyar Level 1

                                    haha no i havent tested on iPad yet. So you mean all i've done is perfectly fine on myside?...but i dont think so.


                                    see, the html file ive imported into indd will anyhow look for fla which is in html5(embedded). and when indesign makes a folio, it wont export any others than '.indd' itself. how can a tablet display fla content?

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                                      BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                      No you can't use flash.



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                                        smshahriyar Level 1

                                        that was a refresh! yeah HTML5 doesnt need flash. thanks again for support you guys. really apprecieate. i think i'll test on iPads with this issue.


                                        one last Q: why doesn't adobe content reader shows up html5 when i move embedded fla contents away from directory? it shows the same "loading" icon spinning... i dont get it

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                                          Hi David,


                                          I was readig your answers, but anyway I couldn't make may movie magazine cover work.


                                          What I need, is to make some areas of the cover sensible (buttons), to direct to each article inside it.


                                          Here's the problem:


                                          1) I created a movie as the cover of a magazine, with Premiere

                                          2) At the end of the movie, i need to make sensible some areas (topics of the magazine)

                                          2) Used de mp4 format to build it

                                          3) Created buttons and put them over the movie

                                          4) Tried to use buttons in different layers


                                          They don't work!


                                          What I'm doing wrong?


                                          Thanks for your help!