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    SFTP and keyboard-interactive mode


      Our SFTP servers recently switched to requiring keyboard-interactive mode when making connections.  This seems to have broken those that use Contribute.  In my testing, both Contribute CS4 and CS5 do not support this option - unless there is a setting I can't find.  Has anyone contacted Adobe and received a confirmation that it is or is not supported?  Is there a setting or registry setting that can be set to enable support for keyboard-interactive mode in Contribute?


      For those unfamiliar with keyboard-interactive (as I was), here is a snippet from wikipedia:


      keyboard-interactive (RFC 4256):  a versatile method where the server sends one or more prompts to enter  information and the client displays them and sends back responses  keyed-in by the user. Used to provide one-time password authentication such as S/Key or SecurID. Used by some OpenSSH configurations when PAM is the underlying host authentication provider to effectively provide  password authentication, sometimes leading to inability to log in with a  client that supports just the plain password authentication method.


      The RFC is dated Janary of 2006 so this is not something super new.