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    [/Scully64/shared/adobe/MediaCore/Backend/Make/MAC/../../Src/Component/ComponentChain.cpp- 498

    dmhuffman Level 1

      Model:  Mac Pro

      Mac OS X version 10.6.7

      Processor: 3.33 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon

      Memory: 12 GB 1333 MHz DDR3

      Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 5770 (2)

      Drives: Bay 1; Bay 2

      Raid Sets: RS1; RS2

      Volumes: Vol-RS1; Vol-RS2



      I'm getting the error message below while editing in Premiere Pro CS5. Not sure what is triggering it because it has happened when doing different things.  Started 2 days ago.   The program then closes but I can Save before it closes.  A co-worker who knows I am new to Mac asked me if I was doing automatic updates.  He said NOT to do this.  Is this correct and would it have anything to do with the error message below?  How can I fix?  Thanks!


      [/Scully64/shared/adobe/MediaCore/Backend/Make/MAC/../../Src/Component/ComponentChain.cpp- 498

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          Ross A Whitley

          I am curious if you remedied your' problem? I am running into a simliar issue. I am running Premiere 5.5 working on a large project on a Dell Precision M6600. I have had a few issues with the same project, Premiere has been shutting down, auto save not saving as often as it is set and most recent what has brought me here; I minimized the screen to check an email and when I returned I saw an incomplete save bar and moments later an error message from premiere popped up.




          My Premiere is now frozen (can't quit, even force close from task manager), faded with a save window open (the save bar is full but also faded).


          I was wondering if you or anyone on here has any recommendations?