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    Use loc

    bmohnsen3 Level 1

      I have two interactive labs (actually more - but two should suffice for the issue).


      One lab is in frames 2000 - 2020; the other lab is in frames 2021-2040


      For this example - lets say in channels 1 through 5 there are five movable graphics for lab one and five different movable graphics for lab two.


      In frame 2000 there are five global variables that get the location

      loc1 = sprite(1).loc


      There is a reset button which uses scripting like

      sprite(1).loc = loc1


      This way the user can reset lab 1


      The problem - the user moves on to lab 2 ---- and the graphic in channel 1 (sprite 1) - moves to the same location as the one in lab1 even though it has an original location that is different.


      Why is this occurring - how can I stop it.


      Thanks in advance for any assistance.