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    how to create PDF form files

    ditto9888 Level 1

      Hi, how to do this:


      I have two PDF forms,  form "A" and form "B",

      both files are located in the same folder.


      Form B has an array of fields, like this:

      Name1, Address1

      Name2, Address2



      Form A only has one set of fields: Name , Address.


      How do I script a button on Form B, such that when the user clicks the button,

      it creates a bunch of "Form A"s with their fields populated with the data on B?


      i.e. it creates a number of PDF files:

      A_Name1.pdf     -- filled with the data of (Name1, Address1) on form B

      A_Name2.pdf     -- filled with the data of (Name2, Address2) on form B

      ... and so on...



      Thanks for help.