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    Submit Trying to Send to Response Instructions


      Last year I was able to make a simple form in LiveCycle, send it to my team, and they sent it back with relatively no problem. Now I need to do the same thing so I pulled up last year's and made the appropriate edits. I sent it to my boss for review and testing the "submit." It sent back the pdf as it should have, but she said she had to manually enter my address 3 times before it allowed her to send.


      In trying to figure this out, it looks like it's trying to send to the default instructions for retriving/compiling responses, instead of the email address. I've tried searching the xml, but for the life of me, I can't figure this out!


      I already had to change my Submit by Email button to a simple Submit button with Submit as URL with email to get it to submit as a pdf instead of xml. However, it doesn't seem to be registering the responses when I go to Track Forms.


      Anyone have ideas or suggestions??   

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          aheatherrose Level 1

          Can anyone assist with this?


          I've tried rebuilding the form completely from scratch and am getting the same thing. It works correctly when I preview the PDF in LiveCycle, but not when I distribute it and they submit it back. I am getting the same errors shaun_loc and nefnef999 mention in this thread beginning at post #13. I've searched everything I can think of, but cannot find a solution.


          Even in going back to my original document created a year ago, I'm having the same problem.


          Also, I do not have the Automatically download & organize responses ith Acrobat.com option when distributing my form. Even when I work through the email process of searching for the name and deleting the improper address from the submitting email, it is not tracking in Acrobat. Could these be related? (Though I didn't use it last year and it tracked responses.)


          I have spent hours trying to figure this out and re-creating the form, to no avail. Can someone please offer assistance?



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            pguerett Level 6

            The distribute functionality will add code to your form and override any submit buttons (incuding your email button). You can either use distribute functionality or your email functionality but not both.at the same time.



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              aheatherrose Level 1



              Thank you for answering my dilemma. I tried the attach as email option and it worked, but I don't think it tracked the response. Do I lose this functionality by choosing the email option?



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                pguerett Level 6

                Yes you do .....but in Acrobat X there is an option for you to grab the returned responses to create that single response file. This can be found under Tools/Forms/More Form Options/Compile Returned Forms


                Hope that helps


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                  aheatherrose Level 1

                  Thank you again Paul. I guess I just don't understand why my Submit by Email button worked correctly last year when I used the Distribute Form option and tracked the responses but is not functioning the same way this time. (I also pulled up last year's distributed form and it is still working correctly.)


                  I understand that there is probably some additional coding added. But it is trying to send to "1. Double-click the attachment." and "2. Acrobat will prompt you to select a responses file." For these two, it brings up the dialog box saying there are no suggestions and I have to click Find Names, remove the incorrect "names" and search for the correct one twice. Then the Outlook message window opens with the correct address twice and "'Completed Form&body=Instructions to add this form to a responses file:' in the "To:" field. Of course, the "Complete Form etc."


                  I guess I'll just have to try another option.