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    RemoteObject troubles

    Zolotoj Level 3

      If there are developers using AMF remoting  please share the most critical configurations pitfalls in Flex client.

      I am trying to put together an app. that is working locally but will not on a remote server.




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          Jamesward.com find his page on google with "spark datagrid paging"  -Drew

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            Zolotoj Level 3

            Sorry, but I did not find where it shows how to configure the RemoteObject: Destination, Source, config files, and compiler services option.

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              3 minutes into this video:





              i ended not going with AMF. I read the AMF3 spec and found that my xml compression was screaming fast as I serialized it in my version and wanted to stick with C# and microsoft and sql server versus the Lamp Stack, BlazeDS, MySql etc.


              I might go with AMF in the future as I would prefer not to reinvent the wheel.


              But if you can get away from the bloat of average XML, and return each row in the database serialized, you can still go with a roughly lean and mean XML mechanism without wrapping every column and every row (still need to wraps a row). But my descriptions are 1 or 2 bytes not long winded <XmlTypeNamesThatAsLongAsYourArm>some_value</XmlTypeNamesThatAsLongAsYourArm>


              I found my xml compression to pretty much match the size and performance of AMF. Was able to stick with microsoft servers, asmx, wsdl, stuff that outperforms other servers. I can show you a fiddler screen snapshot of the data but by all means stick with AMF !

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                i just realized I have amfphp on one of my servers after installing this which I have recommended several times for various reasons. Usually for buttons and pages but as I was messing with it I remembered in has amf:




                you can see it is action here on my server:





                check out the login with fiddler or charles. returns back content type: application/x-amf and strings. strings are not compressed other than length bytes that proceed them so the text is fully visible.


                login:  drewpierce@live.com

                pwd: abcd


                you can create your own user and send forgot password reminder emails to a junk email addr of yours if you want.


                the project above on activeden comes with amfphp files for use on your webhost. it comes with a mysql script to make the database where the data is saved. it has a simple php file with like 4 functions in it in the amfphp/services folder.


                cpanel and putty take but a few minutes to conquer to verify the database is there. let me know if you need help. costs $6, well worth it.