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    Adobe Reader X (10.0.1) and printing duplex errors




      I am trying to print some duplex forms to a Xerox WorkCentre 7335 from Windows XP Pro SP3 32-bit. I have two PCs similarly configured with Windows XP Pro SP3 32-bit and the same Xerox drivers. Only difference is one has Reader X (10.0.1) and the other has Acrobat Professional 8.


      Steps taken so far:

      1. I thought the Xerox needed to be rebooted so I did that and reprinted. Still get some garbage printing.

      2. Try a different duplex form. Same problem.

      3. Maybe the form was corrupt. Use new copy of form from a different computer. Same problem.

      4. Rebooted Reader X PC. Same problem.

      5. Printed from a different PC (Acrobat Pro 8) and printed no problem.


      So the problem lies within Reader X based on my results. I have the forms residing on a Win 7 64-bit "server" and both PCs access the same forms directory so I've ruled out the file being corrupt in a couple different ways. I've checked the test print to verify that both PCs are running the same version of the Xerox driver. The Reader X prints will start normally then on one print it will start to get garbled and unusable. For example, if the text said "pressure test" the garbled text would say something like "asjkuwor hndc" but the overall layout of the form is mostly intact. Has anyone else experienced the same problem? I might have to install an older version of Acrobat Reader to get around this unless Adobe or some forum reader knows what the issue is.





      PS: I'll get the actual version # of Acrobat Pro 8 if it's really necessary.


      Additional info:

      I will also try different drivers assuming that they are newer than the ones already installed.


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