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    AE CS 5.5 - Monster RAM Memory Siege !!!

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      been monitoring this behavior for a week now.


      What happens is that after half an hours of work in AE CS5.5 RAM preview and render operations are slowing totally down.

      I have AE set to MultiProcessing and when the mac has just been restarted I can render a certain test comp in 2 minutes (Same goes for creating a RAM preview) but after working a bit then that same operation takes more than 10 minutes.


      Here is the reason...

      (Please refer to screenshot below when reading the GREEN and BLUE fields)



      When AE is first launched after a Mac OS Reboot THAT blue field indicating inactive memory is ZERO. After working a while with RAM previews and renders etc in AE CS5.5 that inactive memory indicator goes to about 12 GB... THAT will force AE to think that there isn't enough memory available assigned to the multiprocessor preference pane in AE ( I have 32GB of RAM with 6 CPUS set to use each 3GB of RAM) and we all knows what happens then. The application will just sit there and render nothing at all. In this case I have two options


      1) Reboot the mac and render.. ( I am needing to do this EVERY half hour at the moment)

      2) Set AE to NOT use Multiprocessors and take the render speed hit.


      Purging ALL in the AE Edit menu will only clear the GREEN field in the below screenshot. NOT the inactive memory.

      I HAVE to reboot the mac for this.


      This was NOT the case in AE CS5.



      A fix would be great or a workaround !!! Thanks



      This SCREENSHOT indicates my memory status after working  for half an hour in AE.

      After a reboot of OS X (Restart - Logout is NOT enough) that inactive status is zero and AE renders super fast. But only for a little while

      Screen shot 2011-05-14 at 1.38.25 AM.png

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          Hi again....



          as it seems this might not be a problem pertaining to AE alone. It seems indeed as if OS X is part of the problem.


          I have found a solution that WORKS ;-)


          As AE's PURGE menu item does NOT free inactive memory of OS X you will have to use another tool...


          It is involving starting your terminal application


          You have to have Apple's developer tools installed or you will need to find the PURGE executable and copy it into this following location




          BTW - you can register freely to become access to the developer tools from apple.


          In the Terminal (Utilies) type :


          "purge" (without the "")


          then hit enter...


          Terminal will prompt you that it could not delete the caches. However, after a small while all the inactive memory has been initialized and you can use AE with full speed.... YEAH !!!!!


          I hope this helps and that adobe will incorporate this into their PURGE algorithm because opening the terminal and typing purge sure beats having to reboot the Mac and and the AE project in which you were working !!!