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    Flash player - real player's download and record plug-in conflict!


      Hi there,

      Been having big problems with using Real player's Download and Record Plug-in for Internet explorer, as in it wont work at all in the

      youtube videos which do use flash player.

      A friend of mine can still use it and the "Download this video" tab pops up so it's not anything youtube have stopped, and others across different browsers are having the same problem; but he uses older versions of both real player, flash player and IE.

      I've tried reverting back to older versions of both real player and IE back to when it worked but still no results. As yet I don't know how to downgrade to an older version of Flash.

      The only thing it must be is that the new Adobe Flash versions (has happened around several weeks ago) have stopped being able to download flash based videos to various media player downloaders such as Real Player.


      I understand someone might have reserves about being allowed to download videos, but if like recording from the tv its fine as long as its for home viewing only; and certainly some odd persons video blog cant have any copyright issues.


      Have the new versions of flash prevented this? Please help!!