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    Print Dialogue Box too big


      I can't read the print screen on the adobe reader, and I'll bet there are many other people with this problem.


      I know there is a "solution", but it consists of either using a system with font too small to comfortably read, or

      changing magnification and rebooting my computer to print, and then changing it back so I can read,

      and rebooting again. I don't consider having to reboot a computer twice every time I print to be an acceptable



      I run Win7 at 150-% magnification on an HD monitor. I know I can solve the problem by reducing the font size,

      but I've increased font size so I can read the text. Many people do this, or use low resolution, because programmers

      don't address the fact that text sizes are too small when using HD monitors. HD monitors are increasingly standard,

      and adobe wrote their program so the print box would just fit on a higher definition monitor at standard magnification.


      I could change the magnification each time I want to print a pdf file, but that requires re-starting the computer.

      What a pain!  I do want to use font magnification because I don't want all my programs to use font sizes I can't

      read unless I use a large-screen TV at monitor distance.


      Why can't adobe just put in a scroll bar?


      I hate the way programmers assume the use of recent technology without addressing common problems

      of using that technology. I'm waiting for the program that does variable display of text, so that 12 point text

      always appears the same size, regardless of screen resolution. Use of pixel size is ridiculous with so many

      monitors and computers using different screen resolutions. If you insist on using pixel size, please:



      Is there any way to get a scroll bar for your print screen?