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    AE CS5.5 ram preview locking up system


      Just doing a simple ram preview on a video clip in AE CS5.5 is causing the system to lock up. It can get a few frames done but eventually just locks up and requires the reset button to reboot the computer. It's only doing this when the system is overclocked. If I reset the overclock in bios and try ram preview on the same clip same everything in AE CS5.5 it doesn't lock up the system.


      So I've tried a lot of different overclock settings to try and identify what's causing it but I haven't been successful in finding a solution there. The overclock I was originally running ran Prime95 with no errors for 8 hrs and had no issues with Linx. With the different overclock settings I've tried I ran them against Linx @ 20 times without errors. Also tried reinstalling AE CS5.5 a few times cleaning it out between installs.


      Here's why I'm asking on here. What out of the things changed between AE CS5 and AE CS5.5 could be causing this? Because AE CS5 has no problems at all running ram preview while the system is overclocked. I mean what's AE CS5.5 doing that kills my system when Linx and Prime95 can't


      Any input would be appreciated.



      Intel i7 920

      12 GB Corsair Dominator RAM

      EVGA X58 Motherboard

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The likelihood that you'll find an answer is about the same as the likelihood that someone browsing this forum with a similar machine being pushed over its' design specs would have sufficient knowledge of the inner workings of the code that controls the data to memory path to give you a solution. It's obvious to me that when you're over clocking your CPU that some memory path is missing or loosing enough of the instructions to send the machine into an endless loop.


          It also sounds to me like you have a workable solution. Don't jack up the processor speed. I can't imagine that the performance increase outweighs the time lost with a machine that isn't reliable.

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            nixon.dev Level 1

            The overclock is hardly pushing anything. If previous version of AE has no issues why does the newest one? I figured someone might know a little bit more detail in the changes of AE on an Adobe users forum. Sorry I asked.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I'm not saying you asked a bad question, I'm just saying that it's highly unlikely that you'll find a solution without some heavy experimenting. You're pushing the data through your system at higher speeds than it was designed for. There are some changes in multi processing and the render engine. These or other undocumented changes are obviously causing problems passing data at the higher clock speeds. I don't know why. I don't know if anyone without a clone of your system could find out. Try changing MP and memory allocation settings first. If that doesn't work I don't know where to point you.

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                nixon.dev Level 1

                Yeah some heavy experimenting. Took about 8 hours but it seems I finally found an OC that AE CS5.5's ram preview is okay with. I'm just suprised how sensitive it is to an OC compared to Premiere and previous versions of AE or any other render software. I've never had to use this high of settings before but it's working so thank you for your time.