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    HELP !! Installation stops immediatly after language choice - Windows Installer configuration window


      Hello Everyone,


      I'm trying to solve this probleme for 1 month now.


      Problem :


      I'm trying to install the 30 days trial Premiere Elements 9 on my system : Win XP SP3 - with Windows Installer 4.5 (enough RAM/Disk space etc...)

      Each time, I double click on the " SET UP.EXE", the install stops just after the language choice window, finishing its process by showing a Windows Installer configuration window providing unuseful information like this (it is in French) :



      "Windows ® Installer version 4.5.6001.22159

      msiexec /Option <Paramètre requis> [Paramètre facultatif]

      Options d'installation

      </package | /i> <Produit.msi>
        Installe ou configure un produit
      /a <Produit.msi>
        Installation administrative - Installe un produit sur
        le réseau
      /j<u|m> <produit.msi> [/t <Liste de transformations>]
        [/g <ID de langue>]
        Publie un produit - m pour tous les utilisateurs,
        u pour l'utilisateur actuel
      </uninstall | /x> <Produit.msi | Code produit>
        Désinstalle le produit



      The windows has a "OK" button : I click on it and then the installation stops here without any other message. Everytime.


      I tried to resolve the problem by checking/modifying windows installer services process in Win XP, running Windows Clean up utilities, Ccleaner  etc..

      No way, still the same.

      For information, Photoshop Elements 9 trial installation worked on my computer..


      Please help if you can.