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    voice over comes out very fast

    newwoodworker Level 1

      I have CS5.5 and everything works smoothly except for voice overs. when I record a voice over  (audio track 2) the level indicators don't show anything but the voice over is recorded. However when played back it is running at something around Alvin & the Chipmunks speed. I usually get it to slow down and at that point the level indicators work but I have no idea what I have done actually fixes it. I am using the same microphone and sounds system that worked fine in CS5 and works fine in here when I get the playback slowed down. If I restart CS5.5 and go back to the project I worked on earlier the old voice overs play back fine but the new recording are fast again, until I click enough stuff and it slows down for some reason!

      What could I be doing wrong? I can't find anything obvious in the settings or preferences.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Well, with VO work, the trick is to get someone with a good baritone voice, and have them not speak too quickly...


          OK, let's actually look at the problem. Having material at a vastly different Sample-Rate can cause problems, but you should not have this happening, as you are recording to a Project/Sequence that is set up properly. Scratch one thought.


          With AV work, having a really slow HDD can cause issues and those are often first seen in Audio. You are using the same gear, and sometimes it works, while other times it does not. Scratch the second thought.


          Now, you probably need to slow down, as you "click through things," and chart exactly what you are clicking on, and what finally works. You are doing something that fixes the situation, but you, and we, do not know what that is. You need to find out what you are changing, that does make it work. Then, perhaps you can make that change going in, and get things to behave properly. Only you can do that, as we'd just be guessing, and probably run you in too many circles.


          With Audio, there are also a ton of settings for playback, for hardware, or recording, and then for playback, many more at the OS and hardware levels. This is but a guess, but I'd say that there is some setting that differs in your PrPro CS5.5 installation/setup, that was correct in your CS5. I would pour over ALL Audio, Audio Hardware, and then Project/Sequence settings, looking for anything that might be different.


          What often happens, when one upgrades, is that when they installed and set up their original program, they step thorugh all the settings in Preferences and elsewhere, and get things tuned just right. Along comes an upgrade, and they now install it, assuming that everything will work, just as with the previous version, but now, "right out of the box." If the installation defaults do work 100%, then all is well, but if the user had made custom choices in Preferences, or elsewhere, then the defaults do not cut it.


          It appears that in your process of solving this problem, you ARE making a change in settings along the way, and that might well be the FIX that you need.


          Good luck,



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            newwoodworker Level 1

            I have found that every time I open Premiere CS5.5 the voice over audio plays back

            very quickly. Also, the VU meters show no levels while recording yet the voice is there, albeit too fast.

            If I open Preferences and then Audio Hardware, and do nothing in there, close Preferences, I can record voice overs, the meters show normal levels and the playback is right!

            Please tell me that I have not slipped off the deep end here.....

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              From this last bit of info, I would check into the ASIO settings very, very closely. This ARTICLE is very general, but does have a link to ASIO4ALL, and maybe a few tips.


              Hope that something there helps, and good luck,



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                newwoodworker Level 1

                I have looked through the ASIO settings and can't see anything obvious there. I couldn't get that article open as it set off all sorts of warnings on our computers. Of course, once again, just go in and look at the Audio Hardware in Preferences, don't change anything and go back to the time line and the voice over works normally! I'm getting so angry I could call it a pooh-pooh-head but will restrain myself - for now anyway.

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                  newwoodworker Level 1

                  I should add that while the over speed problem persists, I am able to make it go away by:

                  1. Record a short voiceover and confirm that its' too fast.

                  2. go tot he Preferences, Audio Hardware and change anything (I have tried changing everything I can find, one at a time, same result)

                  3. Save that Preferences and go back to the program.

                  4. voiceover's are fine.

                  If I close the program and open it again, the voiceover is too fast and the procedure above fixes it.

                  I still have 5.3 on the computer so will take that off over the weekend to see if that has any bearing on this though I have my doubts.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    What programs and processes load at boot on your machine?


                    I wonder is some audio program, or similar is "hooking" your ASIO driver, and making some change to suit its needs. Perhaps do a screen-cap of both Startup and  Services in MSCONFIG, and maybe someone here can spot a potential problem. Another way to identify what is loaded would be with Process Essentials, or Task Manager>Processes.


                    Good luck, and thanks for reporting.