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    Something appears to be really wrong with AE and Multi-Processing !

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      a little while back I went out and purchased a total of 32GB of RAM so that AE could really boost it performance when rendering.


      This has not been the case at all.


      I find(perhaps it's me) that no matter what I do, rendering will just take more time when MP(MultiProcessing) is enabled.


      I have tried about every option in the preferences there are. Assigned various amounts of RAM to each processor, etc etc etc.

      As Todd suggests in a blog, I have been taking notes to what happens when assigning 3GB of RAM to 4 CPUs vs. i.e. 1.5GB of RAM to 6 CPUS.

      Really gave this a big go.


      However, there is something really wrong.


      I have 32GB RAM in my CPU. I set AE to use 4 CPUs of my total of 16 and assign 3GB to each. That takes up 12GB in my book.

      I have set AE and other Adobe apps to leave 4GB untouched for the system and other APPs. That leaves me with another 16GB of RAM for AE and others.


      Now, if you start to render with above settings 1 frame at a time will be rendered and NOT 4. So I go into Activity Monitor and see what happens.

      1) First of all, AE wont assign 3GB to each ASelflink just about 128MB.

      2) The Mac has TWO processors with each 8 cores amounting in a total of 16 cores.

      If those AE Preferences are more than a placebo effect for the user then my CPU should NOT use more than 4 cores to render according to above.

      Well, AE will open 4 ASELFLINKs, alright but it will max ALL my processor out. And you can monitor that in Activity Monitor as well. Each ASELFLINK will use MORE than 100% of ONE core. And that is what amounts to maxing out all cpus although only 4 have been assigned.


      As todd states on a blog:


      If a CPU does not get enough RAM it will not render.


      Well, I have 3GB assigned to ONE ASELFLINK but it will only use 128MB no matter what I do. I have a huge overhead of RAM and CPUs only this here app wont use them.


      Apple does describe that utilizing more cores successfully does take some reading and careful programming.

      And what happens in AE is one sign of multi-processing not being leveraged correctly.


      I dont know what to do here other than just leaving MP off in AE.


      Funny thing is, with MP set to OFF in the preferences AE will still max out ALL my cpus. Strange indeed !