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    Trouble importing .mov files coming from FCP/Mac




      My friend works on Final Cut Pro on Mac. He gave me rushs from vidéos he imported (and the exported) on FCP.


      An example of these files is here :

      https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0B9S9yK830UrNM2QyZTBhYWEtYjM2NC00NWNiLThiZTktOWQwZGNjNzY1O GMz&hl=fr


      There are several file sizes 1280 / 720 and others.


      Codecs are : Codec : MPEG-1/2 Video (xdva)

      Codec : PCM S16 LE (sowt)


      I can read the files with VLC on my computer.


      When I import the files on Premier Pro CS5... it crashes the program.


      I went through the forums... tried to download more codecs via Klite Codec Pack. I also installed Calibrated(Q) XP Options... but i'm not sure i used it right.


      In the end, I am unable to do anything... and I am extremely frustrated, and MAD at Apple and it's never-compatible formats.


      Anyone can help ?