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    Trouble importing .mov files coming from FCP/Mac

    basketzap Community Member



      My friend works on Final Cut Pro on Mac. He gave me rushs from vidéos he imported (and the exported) on FCP.


      An example of these files is here :

      https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0B9S9yK830UrNM2QyZTBhYWEtYjM2NC00NWNiLThiZTktOWQwZGNjNzY1O GMz&hl=fr


      There are several file sizes 1280 / 720 and others.


      Codecs are : Codec : MPEG-1/2 Video (xdva)

      Codec : PCM S16 LE (sowt)


      I can read the files with VLC on my computer.


      When I import the files on Premier Pro CS5... it crashes the program.


      I went through the forums... tried to download more codecs via Klite Codec Pack. I also installed Calibrated(Q) XP Options... but i'm not sure i used it right.


      In the end, I am unable to do anything... and I am extremely frustrated, and MAD at Apple and it's never-compatible formats.


      Anyone can help ?