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    Error #1009-Components instantiation




      I have the following situation:


      I have a MXML module that acts as the parentDocument to several MXML components. Such MXML components exist of several sub components (the application is quite large). My MXML module contains several components (like checkboxes, etc) that are shared by all children components. The children are called on stage via states.

      Now my problem: When I run my application, all goes smooth if my initial module is loaded before any of the children. If I try to load a child first and try to use any of the shared components, I get the Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.

      I have included the creationPolicy="all" in my initial Module, but still the problem persists...I think I am missing sth here.


      Any help is appreciated. I am using Flex 4.5.