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    I need help: 2 problems on Premiere CS 5.5


      Hello everyone, I'm working with Premiere CS5.5
      I have a PC with 16G memory, video card, GTX570, I7 2600 processor

      The problem is this:
      1. When I work with computer M2TS files works smoothly, but when I work with three layers or more, Premier works very slowly.
      I've set up the engine mercury still does not help.

      2. When I work with 3 layers and over in MPEG (can be any format) Premier replicates the layers, for example: If I take three different layers, and places them one over the other and divide the total of the program equally, and I press PLAY, I see first layer as the third layer, although the layers are not identical, then when I click on the STOP and presses on program window one of the layers, the original image back, then I press PLAY again I have the layers replicates.
      Hope I explained well.